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Playing Online Poker India

With the growth in the online casino world, India’s largest sites now offer the top opportunities for playing poker online. Enthusiasts in India searching for the best online poker India experience have a wealth of options open to them. It is estimated that there are over 100 million players globally and the game’s popularity continues increase.


While poker can be enjoyed by everyone, playing online cranks up the action and excitement. You are able to play for extremely small stakes or the highest available anywhere and while getting best poker hands. You can even join the amazing world of live poker tournaments. Being able to play on your mobile devices in India means the game is instantly accessible too. If you are just starting out or enjoying your millionth hand, you can easily find a suitable poker table.

Choosing the best online casinos to play poker

To start playing poker games online you will first need to choose a reputable and safe Indian casino to join. This will be guided by your player preferences, but be sure to read our reviews to ensure a first class experience. Also make sure to learn the poker rules

online poker india

Poker apps in india

Top online poker sites in India should be compatible with all your mobile devices. One of the benefits of this is that you will always be guaranteed quality.

With nearly 80% of mobile phones in India using the Android system, this is the leading platform for any kind of mobile gaming. It means that instant access is a priority for Indian poker sites and the games are designed to be mobile compatible.

They will normally be compatible with iPhone too by downloading a free app. Offering smooth action, fast table seating options and live chat with other players, it’s no wonder playing online is becoming so popular for Indian players. Poker strategy in mobile is as important as in real life.

The name of the games - poker in india

Once you have chosen and registered with your preferred site, you can play for free or start playing online for real money. There are a whole range of poker games and new variations specifically designed to attract players. Check out just some of them in the list below:

    • Three Card Poker - this is a relative newcomer online. It is played directly between the dealer and the player and offers a good RTP.
    • Pai Gow - another poker variant played directly against the dealer. This one uses a 5-card and a 2-card poker hand with 7 cards dealt.
    • Omaha Poker - similar to Texas Hold’em. 4 cards are dealt with the aim of making the best hand using 2 cards and 5 community cards.
  • 5-Card Draw - popular home version of poker which is easy to learn. However, now you can enjoy playing it for real money.

Online poker india tournaments

The excitement of tournaments are the mainstay of the Indian online poker world. They usually have affordable buy-ins, a significant prize funds and some great benefits:

  • Small investment, big returns - this attracts recreational players due to the relatively low amount needed to enter the competition compared to a potentially huge payout.
  • Satellite tournaments - online Indian poker sites provide a good opportunity for players to qualify for some of the showcase events that would usually be above their bankroll limit.
  • Access & convenience - being able to access live events means poker fans can take part in multiple tournaments and compete in comfort from their own homes.

Online poker india - betting

Poker betting in India is a mix of skill, luck and psychology. You need to fully understand your opponents. So you need to study their competency, skill level and playing styles for optimal effect.

  • Player Levels - you will want to bet differently, so it’s vital to recognise the fish and the sharks. A player’s level of experience is going to determine your betting options.
  • Value Bet Sizes - you may decide to raise bets against inexperienced players. They often match any bet or raise, so gain value from your value bets and bet sizes.
  • Bluff Psychology - it's often impossible to bluff players of lower competency accurately. They will often 'Call down' happily and leave you stranded!
  • Betting Plan - always have a rough plan for the rest of the hand. Doing this early and having a direction will help you bet and play better against your opponent.